FoodWIse Tips

Good Taste, Guilt Free 
Get a good taste for good nutrition and enjoy being active!

Added Sugar Shocker
When sugars are added to foods to sweeten them, they add calories without contributing essential nutrients.

Be Active Adults
10 tips to help adults include physical activity into their lifestyle

Cooking For One
What tricks do you know for cooking for one?

Make Smarter Choices For Healthy Aging
It’s never too late to make smarter food choices.

What Are Food Product Dates?
Keep food safe by learning about “Best if used by” dates and the FoodKeeper Ap

Eat Smart and Move More
Choosing low fat foods and healthy fruits and vegetables. Join StrongBodies strength training classes.

Cooking and Seasoning With Herbs
Great tips for enhancing the flavor of your food without using added salt.

Enjoy Summer Produce for Improved Health
Tips on enjoying summer produce at the peak of flavor: Local Farmers Market information

Eat Healthy! Live Well!
Healthy eating patterns and regular physical activity can help people achieve and maintain good health throughout their life.

MyPlate Go Lean with Protein
Foods in the protein group supply many nutrients that are important for the health and maintenance of your body.

Winter is a Great Time for Root Vegetables
Root vegetables are full of nutrients that keep your body healthy.

Focus on Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
Learn five ways for you to eat healthier.

Health Benefits of Exercise
No matter your age, gender, or physical activity level, regular exercise can boost your physical and mental health.

Diet and Alzheimer’s Disease
Diet may help delay onset and slow progression of the disease. Read more to learn how.

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