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Farmers sometimes deal with regulations that are difficult to interpret, hard to apply to diversified farms, and enacted differently in different regions. Farm Commons’ new “Working with Regulators” guide gives farmers the legal perspective they need to manage these situations. 

Using plenty of practical examples and stories, this guide:

  • Explains how regulations are created and enforced while highlighting the influence farmers have over the process;
  • Gives tips for when and how to speak with regulators especially while trying to create an innovative new farm business model;
  • Discusses the role of an attorney, especially if an enforcement action is underway, and offers possibilities for keeping the option affordable.

Whether the legal issue is one of land use, food safety, employment, or another of the complex regulations affecting diversified farm businesses, knowing the legal basis for regulations is essential to finding a resolution. Pick up legal background, hints, and ideas for successfully working with inspectors and government agents as they write, apply, and enforce regulations on farms. Diversified and direct to consumer farm businesses will find this guide the most useful as their creative business models sometimes challenge regulatory frameworks.

Rare is the farmer who seeks out relationships with regulators at any level. Farm Commons hopes that idea is a little less unusual or scary for farmers after they read Working with Regulators!


Hemp, hops, hazelnuts, kernza, currants, table grapes….those are just some of the emerging crops here in Wisconsin and we’d really like you to learn all about them this summer.  It couldn’t be easier, click on the link below, peruse the schedule, and register for the:

Emerging Crops Summer Webinar Series


There are several online zoom classes available. Visit for the current classes being offered.

Mycotoxins reports in feed higher than usual this winter. Take precautions with your grown or purchased feed stocks.
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Check out Agriculture Podcasts from UW-Extension!

This month’s podcast is  Veterinary Feed Directive: Part 1 The Basics, Responsibilities, and Drugs

In this podcast series, we will discuss the new changes to the Veterinary Feed Directive and what that means for you. UW-Extension agriculture agent, Sarah Mills-Lloyd, covers the basics about what you need to know to be in compliance with the new changes and what types of drugs will be affected.

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