Soil Testing Information for Homeowners

UW Soil and Forage Analysis Lab Brochure 2016 *NEW*

Soil Sampling Instructions

Lawn and Garden Submission Form


  • Make sure your sample bag has 1.5-2 cups of soil in it. Label the bag with your name, type of garden, and what is growing in it.
  • Fill out the Lawn and Garden Submission Form

 We Mail:

  1. Return sample and completed soils sheet to Courthouse Room 107 and we will ship for you.
  2. $20.00 (per sample) cash or check to “Douglas County Treasurer.” Credit cards not accepted.                               

You Mail:  

  1. You can put the white bag or plastic lunch bag with soil into a regular envelope/box with a label attached to mail. Checkbook boxes work great!  Enclose completed form.
  2. $15.00 (per sample).  Enclose check payable to “Soil & Forage Analysis Laboratory.”  If you prefer, you can charge it to your credit card by filling out the payment information on the Lawn and Garden Submission Form.

Mail to:   Soil & Forage Analysis Lab
2611 Yellowstone Dr
Marshfield, WI 54449

Once you receive the results, feel free to contact Jane Anklam, Agriculture/Horticulture Educator at 715-395-1515 or if you want help interpreting the results or for further information.


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