Master Gardener’s At Work

These pages are dedicated to community gardens, native plant gardens, straw bale gardens and other gardens that local Master Gardeners care for, experiment with and volunteer to keep healthy and vibrant.




Lake Superior Master Gardener Volunteers are harvesting this year’s bounty to help supply the Northwest Community Service Agency with good food. Harvest is used to feed those in need at Solid Rock Mission.  Bumper crops are offered to the Northwest Community Services food shelf.

In 2015, we harvested all the following fresh produce and the produce was sent to the local food shelf and soup kitchen.

Apples 231 lbs; Beans 56 lbs; Broccoli 30 lbs; Carrots 122 lbs; Cucumbers 19 lbs; Celery 13 lbs; Onions 117 lbs; Peas 24 lbs; Potatoes 143 lbs; Raspberries 7 lbs; Tomatoes 236 lbs

For a grand total of 998 lbs. In 2014, we harvested a total of 950 lbs.

We have future plans to replace more raised beds come spring, and continue our work providing good and fresh produce for our community. We are deeply saddened by the passing of our dear friend Dick Coda but his memory will be kept alive with the good times we have had. We will also be using his raised bed building plan for the rest of the garden rehab.

We would also like to thank our special project volunteers, Mike Kaluza, Cliff Hughes, and Ruth and John Ludwig. We also welcomed Denise Parks, a master gardener “transplant” into our group of volunteers. It has been a fun filled, productive and certainly eventful growing year for us at Solid Rock.


Julie, Geraldine, Pam H, Nani, Louise and our angel, Dick



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