Summer in the Garden

Gril with tomato-Catlin gardenSummer is the time for fresh produce, beautiful blooms and lots of weeds.  It’s also the time to watch your plants for any diseases or insects that may cause harm.  Homeowners are encouraged to check with the local extension office for help first because many samples can be handled in a more efficient manner locally.  Contact Jane Anklam, Agriculture & Horticulture Educator for Douglas County Extension at or 715-395-1515 with your insect and plant disease questions.  Additional resources are the Insect Diagnostic Lab and the Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic, both sponsored by the University of Wisconsin.  Working together we can find the answers to your plant health questions.


Summer Insects, Diseases and Invasive Plants

Tomato Diseases:  Includes information on early and late blight and septoria.Tomato Blight



Cabbageworm LarvaeCabbageworm: The imported cabbageworm (Pieris rapae) is a lepidopteran insect and the most important cole crop pest in Wisconsin.  All cole crops, including cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and rutabaga, are susceptible to attack by this insect.


Scab-leafApple Scab:  Scab is a potentially serious fungal disease of ornamental and fruit trees in the rose family. Trees that are most commonly and severely affected include crabapple, hawthorn, mountain ash, apple and pear. This disease is most severe in years with cool, wet weather.


dypsophiliaSpotted Wing Drosophila are part of a large group of insects that typically attack rotting or damaged fruit.  However the female has a serrated ovipositor that allow her to cut into healthy fruit to lay eggs.  The first and most important step in SWD management is to determine whether SWD is present.  You can buy commercial traps or make simple, inexpensive traps following the directions on the fact sheet.  Contact Jane Anklam, Agriculture & Horticulture Educator at 715-395-1515 if you think you have these on your fruit.

Creeping-BellflowerCreeping Bellflower is an invasive herbaceous, creeping perennial.  Information on non-chemical and chemical control, prescribed burning and plant identification.  Legal classification in Wisconsin:  Restricted




Summer Reminders

A composting reminder…turn and water the compost in summer.

Lawns: To water or not to water? This fact sheet discusses types of lawn grass, over watering and methods to reduce the need to water.

Blooms in Summer

gladiolus summer-yellow-flower-bee hydrangeas


Veggie Bites for Summer

Learn more about your favorite vegetables: nutrition and fun facts, uses and easy-to-use recipes.

String Beans Veggie Bites
  • Good source of carbohydrates, Vitamin C and fiber
  • Try it:  Italian Style Vegetables recipe

Eggplant Veggie Bites

  • Sodium free, good source of Vitamins K, B1, B3 & B6
  • Try it:  Eggplant Mozarella recipe

Carrots Veggie Bites

  • Fat free, good source of fiber, high in Vitamin A
  • Try it:  Spicy Carrots and Squash recipe

Tomato Veggie Bites

  • Fat free, high in Vitamin C, good source of vitamin A
  • Try it:  Stuffed Tomatoes recipe




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