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UW Extension Douglas County can assist your government agency, non-profit, or for-profit organization with a variety of development and competency areas.  Below is a list curriculum that is ready to deliver, and customize to meet your specific needs.  In addition to these offerings, we may be able to provide customized training.  Learn about the facilitator. Note that some of these educational sessions may have a fee, and the fee structure varies by government, non-profit, and for-profit clients.

Available Organizational Development Curriculum (click to expand for description):

Sexual Harassment: Training for a Harassment Free Workplace

Fee: This workshop assesses a fee of $25/participant in for-profit organizations, and $15/participant in government and non-profits. This fee covers workshop licensing fees, and provides each participant with a workbook / study guide.

This workshop is an interactive 2-hour session that blends: lecture, discussion, and video depicting a variety of workplace scenarios to support the learning. The workshop includes:

  • Pre and post-test, results of post-test can be provided to Human Resources.
  • Discrimination and the law, including workplace harassment in Wisconsin
  • Hostile work environment
  • Technology and social media
  • Quid pro quo harassment
  • Retaliation
  • Protected characteristics and harassment
  • Abusive conduct and workplace standards

Business Basics Workshop

This is our most comprehensive offering and offers full content customization.  Many organizations focus on developing employees for their unique business process and procedures.  Sometimes a team needs development on the core business basics.  Depending on components selected, this course takes a half-day to several days (or could be offered as an academy spread over an extended period of time).

Content areas for the Business Basics course:

  • customer service
  • telephone skills
  • dealing with difficult customers
  • internal customer service
  • communication skills
  • basic presentation skills
  • introduction to networking
  • conflict management
  • priority management
  • decision making and problem solving
  • business writing and email
  • basic business knowledge
  • maintaining a professional image
  • social skills and business etiquette
  • working in teams
  • maintaining a work/life balance
  • professional development & aligning to personal goals.

Strategic Planning Process

Learn effective skills and processes to conduct strategic planning on your own.  This workshop offers a road map for CEO’s, boards, managers, supervisors, and frontline team members to effectively conduct strategic planning activities.  This is not a workshop that will facilitate strategic planning, although UW Extension offers those services as well.

Managerial Skills

This workshop can be customized to meet the needs of new managers and leaders, seasoned managers, or preparing up and coming leaders and managers.  This course offers customized content and can be offered in a half-day, full-day, or two-day session.  Content area includes:

  • coaching skills
  • motivating employees
  • resolving conflict
  • presentation skills
  • effective meetings
  • customer service
  • business writing
  • time & project management
  • decision making
  • legal issues
  • performance management
  • effective teams
  • knowledge management
  • creating a personal development plan (capstone activity)

New Supervisor Training

This two-day workshop helps to develop new supervisors or up and coming talent that will soon be supervising teams.  This is a highly interactive and engaging workshop that will teach core supervisor competencies.  Content area includes:

  • assess your supervisory skills
  • promoting communication for and within your department
  • guiding your departments work
  • leading the workforce by investing in development
  • coaching employee performance
  • developing yourself

Performance Management Training

Whether you’re an organizational leader, human resource professional, or organization development specialist, Performance Management Training can help you transform your company’s system for performance improvement. Rather than the traditional annual performance review, you can develop a larger framework for an ongoing performance coaching conversation, a fresh approach that enables managers and performers to build their skills consistently over time.  This workshop is offered as a half-day or full-day, and offers the following content areas:

  • establishing a coaching relationship for great performance
  • performance goal setting
  • diagnosing employee performance problems and developing improvement plans
  • conducting performance coaching and annual performance analysis and planning conversations
  • the employee’s role within the partnership for performance and performance coaching conversations

Coaching Employees

Coaching Employees is for managers and other leaders who, regardless of their level of experience, wish to facilitate and support the development of truly engaged employees within their organization. Utilizing clear, focused suggestions on improving employee coaching skills, Coaching Employees training focuses on the fundamentals of successful employee coaching, and delivers powerful, pragmatic lessons with easy to use processes and tools. Coaching Employees training is a valuable resource for everyone interested in creating a more engaged workplace environment.  This workshop is offered in half-day, full-day, and two-day formats based on your needs.

Time Management

We can make a lot of things, one thing we cannot make is more time.  We experience many opportunities to expose ourselves to time sucks throughout the day. This interactive workshop offers customization to meet your needs, and it can be delivered in three different ways: half-day, 3-hour session with a 1-hour lessons learned troubleshooting session a month later, or a full-day session.  Topics for this workshop:

  • what is time management and why is it important?
  • introduction to a basic time management process
  • effective delegation
  • goal setting
  • managing interruptions and distractions
  • managing email
  • procrastination
  • effectively scheduling time and tasks
  • working with paperwork

Listening Skills

Workshop participants will learn to listen empathetically, paraphrase responses, identify bad listening behaviors, and understand the tricky business of nonverbal communication.  This workshop is offered as either a half-day or full-day session.

Presentation Skills

Effective presentations are a core business competency; yet, many managers, team leaders, and other key organizational decision makers lack these skills.  This workshop is available as a half-day, full-day, or two-day session.  The two-day session will allow participants to develop a presentation and present to the group.

Facilitation Skills

Who needs facilitation skills?  Business leaders, board chairs, managers, sales people, and learning and development professionals are just some of the people that can benefit from strong facilitation skills.  Facilitation skills is offered as an introduction workshop, and an advanced workshop – each are one-day.

Teamwork Training

Are you looking to build effective and high performance teams?  This workshop is intended to help you define and assess your needs and requirements to implement productive team tactics that bring projects in on time, within budget, and at the same time, presents tools to effectively bridge communications gaps across departments.  This workshop can be delivered effectively in a half-day session.  The workshop content includes:

  • developing teamwork skills
  • fostering an environment for effective teamwork
  • how to be effective in sharing an idea

Decision Making

How do you or how does your team make effective and appropriate decisions?  This workshop is designed to help individuals define the elements of effective decision-making techniques and provide the skills needed for success. It provides an easily understandable structured process, and is designed to train people interactively as they develop and use the strategies presented to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their decisions. This workshop is offered in half-day and full-day versions.

Negotiation Skills

All too often, we view negotiation as an innate skill, something that we are either born with or without. But the truth is that we can learn and improve the art of negotiation, and almost anyone can benefit from formal training on the topic. This workshop is offered in half-day and full-day versions, based on your needs.  Content areas for negotiation skills includes:

  • types of negotiation
  • core principles of negotiation
  • steps to negotiating
  • identifying shared interests
  • building trust
  • negotiating tactics
  • barriers to negotiation
  • ethics in negotiation
  • success factors when negotiating

Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity comes in many forms, including: age and generational differences, gender, and ethnicity.  This workshop explores the power and benefits of a diverse workplace. How to effectively manage and   This workshop is offered as a half-day or full-day, and includes the following content areas:

  • business case for diversity leadership
  • diversity leadership
  • cultures and values
  • first impressions
  • walking in their shoes
  • generational differences

About Your Trainer

James Anderson III, PhD – Community, Natural Resources, and Economic Development educator for UW Extension Douglas County is the facilitator for each of these workshop offerings.  James holds advanced degrees in workplace learning and performance improvement from Northern Michigan University, and Capella University.  James has worked as an instructional designer and trainer for Fortune 500 companies.  He has trained diverse and international audiences, within business units across the globe.  In addition, James has worked with businesses as a consultant through a Workforce Investment Board to create talent management & development strategies, workforce recruitment, and talent retention strategies.

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