Generations Workshop

Communicating Across Generations

For the first time in the workplace, you may find five generations working side-by-side. Generations or Communicating Across Generations is a UW-Madison Division of Extension curriculum that is research based and designed to help you understand traits, preferences, and an understanding of how generational differences may impact the workplace.

Session Goals

  • Increase knowledge and understanding of the generations
  • Enhance comprehension of how generational differences affect you
  • Promote skills for effective intergenerational communication
  • Encourage appreciation of the value of each generation
  • Expand capacity to manage diverse generational working styles

Generations Explored

Bring Generations to Your Organization, School, or Workplace

Generations is free to government and non-profit organizations, and a nominal facilitation fee for for-profit businesses in Douglas County.


James R. Anderson III, PhD
Community and Economic Development Educator
UW-Madison Extension Douglas County

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