Soil and Forage Testing for Farmers

Soil Testing:  You can pull samples any time after the ground is thawed to 9 inches.  Remember, 2 Cups of soil pulled from 10 random pulls on a uniform 10-5 acre field is a reasonable sample for analysis. A basic sample costs $8.00 plus shipping.  See: University of Wisconsin Soil Test Lab website for submission form.  (Contact Jane for a farm sampling field visit, use of soil probe, or soil test result review).

Forage Testing:  We are grateful to have available a probe and cordless drill from Amnicon Farmers Union for taking forage samples. Pull 10 – 20 cores from one hay lot.  Ship to Marshfield or bring to the University of Wisconsin Extension Office in Douglas County for shipping. Is it time to take a soil test? It is recommended that your agricultural fields have their soils sampled and tested once every 3-4 years. Soil testing is the basis for sound hayland and cropland management on your farm. For relatively little cost, you can achieve substantial information. Knowing your soil’s fertility can protect you from over or under fertilizing and saving money for your operation.  Plan to pull samples for this year’s crop after first cut.  Are you at the appropriate Relative Feed Quality this year? (Dairy-150, Beef- 120-135)  Note:  Organic Valley producers are in for a premium if they can produce exclusively on grass.  KNOW your RFQ so you can reach that market.

Bring soil or forage samples to Room 107 on the main floor of the old courthouse at 1313 Belknap Street, Superior, WI 54880.

Extra: Soil Sampling Instructions

UW Soil and Forage Analysis Lab Brochure 2016

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