Extra FoodShare benefits ending February 2023

The Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2023, passed by Congress in late December, ends a federal program that has been providing additional benefits to households enrolled in Wisconsin’s FoodShare program. FoodShare households have been receiving the maximum amount for their household size, or $95, whichever is more. In recent months, an average of approximately $80 million has been distributed monthly to help almost 400,000 households across our state struggling to afford food. This also indirectly supports Wisconsinites involved in food production and retail like farmers, truckers, and grocers. February 2023 will be the last month families will receive the extra benefits. Regular FoodShare benefits will continue.

“The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program that funds FoodShare is a crucial federal support to individuals and families, particularly in times like these when higher food prices are straining everyone’s budgets, but especially those of our most vulnerable,” said Department of Health Services Deputy Secretary Deb Standridge. “These additional funds provided to eligible Wisconsinites because of COVID-19 have made a real difference. With Congress deciding to end these federal funds, community support for local resources like food pantries and food banks will be more important than ever.”

To read the full press release from the WI Department of Health Services, go HERE.

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