Taste of 4-H Fall 2022 Virtual Classes-Deadline Now 10-1-22

We’re excited to offer a “Taste of 4-H”. These are online classes that you can do from home in October!  ***Deadline Now 10-1-22***

Go to wi.4honline.com to register. Follow the directions on the flyer to register for the event.

Classes include:

  • Tues. Oct. 4th-Mission to Mars for 5th grade and up, 3rd-4th grade with help
  • Mon Oct 17th-CD Case Greenhouses for 3rd-13th grade
  • Tues Oct. 18th-Archery for 3rd-13th grade
  • Mon Oct 24th-Diamond Art for 3rd-13th grade
  • Thurs Oct. 27th-Healthy Snacks for all ages

Some supplies will be provided, and will be mailed to you.

These flyers are updated to reflect the new Oct. 1st deadline.

The Taste of 4-H Flyer Virtual Workshops Oct. 4-Oct. 27th The Taste of 4-H Virtual Workshop Descriptions

Click here to view a PDF of the flyer.

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