Virtual Caregiver Conference: The Unexpected Caregiver January 20, 2022

Hosted by Northwood College, this session of the 2021-2022 Virtual Caregiver Conference features the theme The Unexpected Caregiver: How to Support Others While Taking Care of Yourself. This online live/webinar event features 3 sessions presented by speaker, author and caregiving expert, Kari Berit.

Tag—You’re it! You’ve become an unexpected caregiver, a job that requires you to take care of someone who may not remember you, let alone like you. You need to show up every day, with a renewed sense of energy and creativity to handle both surprises and indifference from your loved one. When is there time to take care of your needs? Let us teach you how to carve out time for necessary self-care, set up clear boundaries to avoid family drama, and use creative tools in connecting with loved ones. It doesn’t matter if you are currently in the midst of giving care or just beginning, whether you have chosen this role or it fell into your lap, learn how to be a S.A.N.E. caregiver —Supported, Appreciated, Not Guilty, and Energized.

This Virtual Workshop will be divided into three sections:

  • 1) Emotional Baggage — What is it? Why do we hold onto it? How can we let it go?
  • 2) Getting to S.A.N.E. — How can you feel Supported, Appreciated, Not Guilty, and Energized during your caregiving journey and when you are no longer a caregiver?
  • 3) Creative Outlets — Learning how to creatively connect makes a world of difference in how you give care.

This webinar is available live or via recorded video link for 7 days following the live event.

Visit the Northwood College website for more information and to register. There is a link for family caregivers, and one for professional caregivers to receive CEUs.

Fee: $19.10 | $5 (62+)

Pre-registration required; deadline to register is Monday, January 17th.

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