Recovering Flooded Forages and Food Safety Resources for Flooded areas

Recovering Flooded Forages (pdf version available)
Source: Team Forages, Prepared by Dan Undersander, Professor Emeritus

Recovering Flooded Forages

Assessing Flood Damage to Soybean (pdf version available)
Source: Shawn Conley, UW Soybean Specialist
Please click to view information on: Assessing Flood Damage to Soybean

Safely Using Flooded Produce (pdf version available)
Source: Wisconsin Horticulture: Prepared by Barbara Ingham, and Steve Ingham
NOTE: Barb reviewed on June 6/18/2018 and publication date is 2016.

Effects of Flooding on Woody Landscaping Plants (pdf version available)
Source: Wisconsin Horticulture, Prepared by Laura Jull, UW Horticulture

Effects of Flooding on Woody Landscape Plants

Food Safety Resources
Source: Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection

Safely Using Produce from Flooded Gardens

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