Husky Listening Session – Full Report (Release 1)

UW-Extension Douglas County and The Reserve (National Estuarine Research Reserve) would like to thank everyone who participated in the May 14 community listening session. We have done our best to capture citizen comments, concerns, and outstanding questions as presented. We have then sorted, and in some cases re-classified (from one question to another) or duplicated some responses. The report includes three sections:

Section 1: Verbatim responses by participant for each questions

Section 2: Responses sorted into themes by question

Section 3: Appendix with background information

Download the full report here: Husky Fire Listening Session – Report – Release1

Next Steps

To clarify what happens with this document – the written report has or will be sent to various government agencies, which include: DNR, EPA, Public Health, etc. In addition, local government, Husky Energy, and elected officials will also receive a copy. UW-Extension will continue to pass on information from public agencies as it is released. The Lake Superior Reserve is considering potential programming in the future that is related to some of the issues discussed on May 14 and captured in the report. At this time, we do not anticipate compiling a companion document with answers to each question.

Any questions may be directed to:

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